My trip to the various countries has been getting extensive coverage in the desi media. The media in the countries I have visited also have given me fair coverage. If you are in a G20 meet you have to compete with Obama and Jaco Zuma for media space, back home you have to compete with Salaman bhai’s sister. I hope you are impressed with the competition I handle to stay on top on the news. I am worried as a old RSS hand and a big nationalist at heart….is the political competition so weak that I have to compete with Salman bhai in media space? At this rate I can skip the reforms for 2-3 years more and still stay in the headlines. I just have to keep track whose sister is getting married next…

From They have some interesting images of my competitor in the media for the last couple of weeks.


We are planning to end the inspector Raj. This is one saheb whom we all dread. He pays surprise visits and takes un-budgeted bribes. This type of un-budgeted bribes deprive the nation of entrepreneurs!

As the first step, we are attacking un-budgeted bribes. Better cash planning is critical for the industry. So these ayaram-gyaram type of inspectors are the first bunch we are attacking as a part of our big ticket reforms in tiny steps. Industrialist and entrepreneurs…no more un-budgeted bribes from now!

Due to the elections in Maharashtra and Haryan where I am likely to be reelected as the Prime Minister of India you folks will be busy watching TV and so I thought I will post in on my unofficial blog. Economic Times is covering

Bachan as inspector in Janjheer

Some folks have built their careers starting as Inspectors…not this one…but you know what I mean!


Madhu ji, this “pay for free news” is totally lacking the marketing talent which my team had during my campaign. Only the line “pay for free news” is interesting. Simplicity in payment is “-100″ on a scale of 1 -10, using standard shopping sites to sell your subscription…there are hundreds of bukhe-nage e-commerce sites which will sell this for you, 30 second smart clips as the news blunder of the day with the subscription is far better than an newsletter….kuch socho…kuch karo. Su? (Kya? Gujarati)
Meanwhile, I freely recommend this edition of the Clothes Line. I know this lady does not like me, she even tried to get me on NDTV but what the….this stuff is good!

One of the things I can diplomatically accomplish is the death of suits in the international diplomatic circuit. I have decided to hire Troy Costa for this diplomatic initiative.

My guidelines to him are clear for the diplomatic design

  1. It should not be like the Nehru jacket for the obvious reasons
  2. It should not be a Kurta. It is too flexible and simple which we do not want to be.
  3. It should not be a sherwani – it looks more inflexible with a predetermined agenda
Now Troy can use his imagination…
The exact image I want to avoid, and the English media wants to project.
I wonder why we were shocked to such an extent when Katju made some allegation of judges being biased or pressured. This great assumption that our Judges or our Armed forces at times were “not” Indians is mainly a creation of the media which has made us think of them like super solution providers who are not like the rest of the Indians.
Is it possible that people brought up in the same society, with same morals and with same vision be different “Indians”?
Some people thought the SC Judges were different Indians…Indians from Mars maybe.It is also possible that they may be living in a cocoon called Mars on Earth so they just cannot be influenced in a society full of corrupt people driven by exchange of favors. Some of them would have fallen prey to the Indians even after being “different” Indians.
Is there a solution to this problem of our expectations of growing non-Indians in India? Really, for each walk of life, our nation does not need the Indian we have been growing so far. 
Su? (Kya? in Gujarati)
Some of the judges in the Khap Panchayat are more Indian than most of the Indians. They are Indians from 1855.

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