Saddam Hussein declared himself Al Saddam, the mother of all Als. He was the biggest, most controversial and the strongest of all Als, like Al Gore, Al Capone, Al Queda, Al Jazeera, Al Enron, Al Anderson….

Privately speaking, Saddam told his friend Tariq, that it was indeed exciting to be an Al, the mother of all Als. “The Spanish Al is nothing but Al bull” said the President. “The Spanish Al poses no competition to him in being the mother of all Als.”

Further, Al Saddam said that the American Al is a serious threat. For example, Al Gore can extend the counting of votes for a lifetime just like Al America has decided to bomb Iraq as and when convenient for Al life.

Mr Tariq, later told the press that Al Queda is a serious threat to Al World. Since Al Saddam is against all forms of terrorism and he will not discuss Al Queda or Al Queda’s spokes-channel Al Jazzera. Mr. Tariq reiterated that Al Saddam had no connection at Al with these Als.

A knowledgeable reporter from CNN wanted to know if the Iraqi Prime Minister would like to comment on the rumor that Korea and Iran are planning to call themselves Al Korea or Al Iran. My Tariq, tongue in cheek, with a naughty smirk replied that “You will have to ask Al these questions to Al Bush”

Meanwhile Al Jazzera is planning to start an Al of Al channels which will report only on Als. And Al willing it will be resounding success.

You are accused of building an empire,
That controls the lives of billions of people
By unfairly using your monopoly,
Power and Strength
Your monopolistic behavior compels and forces
The world to have a single operating system
Which, You and only you dominate
And, Have command over any independent applications

Any uprising to destroy the monopoly
Will be crushed with sever force
By a complete Takeover
Or a Misinformation campaign
Or a Coalition of the willing

You will persist until they are all destroyed,
Either you are with us or with them.

You are accused of breaking our trust.

George Bush, Bill Gates, Tony Blair, Larry Ellison, Mugabhe all have refuted the charges in unison.

Nobody knew which anti-trust trial we were writing about…

Atheist across the globe are claiming that the source of terrorism can be traced back to millions of years when GOD got created under the first ever General Public License (Open Source Code) structure.

Due to the early open source policy of creators of GOD, self appointed implementation partners may have completely modified the source code to localize the application of GOD. These may or may not include likes of Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Mahavir, Krishna etc. This was fine, as the localized code worked fine for the limited period.

Due to major modification in the original source code, the central body could no longer control things under GPL. All this resulted in more implementation partners and who kept modifying the source code for localized benefits. As time moved on the original source code was lost…

One such implementer is LADIN…a bit out of touch with the original source code…isn’t he?