1. CDOT: Constrained Democracies in occupied territories, an extremely innovative concept first introduced in Afghanistan by USA. We will be seeing more of this in the coming years.
  2. Human bombs are more dangerous then land mines…proposed plan to do away with humans in certain locales under consideration.
  3. Bin Laden releases another tape. Another hit! May cross Elton John’s record for the largest selling single. He is now Tape Laden!
  4. US to outsource manufacturing to China, IT to India and Sex to Russia.
  5. USA continues to be like Microsoft in the world while not allowing Microsoft to be Microsoft in USA!
  6. CNN Arabic invites all seven of its viewer in Saudi Arabia to Atlanta for Christmas.
  7. World celebrated the 4th anniversary of its impotency to address failed religions.
  8. Prisoner abuse at Guantanamo Bay to be a part of history next year only says President Bush!
  9. US congressional hearings hit ratings of Reality TV. Same audience it seems!
  10. We will be making this a proper blog….soon