As promised, saw the “Taj Mahal” This one was made by Akbar Khan. I also praised it officially since it’s failure has economic connotation.

At the India-Economic Summit, I informed the knowledgeable business leaders that we will achieve a GDP growth at 7.5 % this year. We will be targeting 10% growth in future. We will be also targeting a 20% growth in salaries at the BPOs. The rich poor divide will widen by 2 inches of waistline which amounts to 2000% in terms of average income. In Bihar the divide will cease to exist as the rich will not be able to extort money during Nitish Raj. All will be equally below poverty line. We will also see a growth in international quality movies by 300%. We made 1 this year and we will make 4 next year. I am sure that the audience was impressed as the applause did not cease till someone gave the call for drinks.

The genuineness of the applause cannot gauged easily in the land of sycophants. The longer you remain a Prime Minister in a coalition government, the easier it is to understand this.

Dan Burton, head of the Pakistan caucus in the US House met me. He is planning to support Indo – US nuclear deal if we separate our civil and military nuclear facilities. We also have to provide US of the details of capacity, location with road map, floor diagrams with details of burglar alarms, defense mechanisms and telephone numbers.

As the prime minister of this nation I would like to do the following today.

  • Tell all participants at the India Economic Summit to invest in Indian Politics. Higher rates of return than any other sector.
  • Sell ONGC and IOC to buy Shell.
  • Visit Soniaji’s house and celebrate the end of Shiv Sena. Even Sharad Pawar can join in.
  • Have Volcker walk away.

Nitish cannot make a cabinet without a minister with a criminal record. I am planning to request Harry Potter to do away with Bihar by this weekend.

No one in my office knows what a Minister without a Ministry does. Will have to find out from Natwar.

Samajwadi Amitabh has been hospitalized. Samajwadi Amar is taking care of him. Who is taking care of Samajwadi UP?

My press secretary gave me the Central Chronicle of Madhya Pradesh. Interesting headline in it “VP Singh in hospital: Manmohan visits Jogi” Amazing! I came up with a few good lines for Central Chronicle. “Uma Expected to be CM. Shivraj Chauhan sworn in”. “Singhania flies high: Drops down in Nasik to meet Raj Thackeray”. Ok that is not funny. The PM makes the headlines, the editors distorts them.

China exported 100 tones of benzene to Khabarovsk, Russia. No packing, no freight. Just a sleek slick in the river floating the right way. China has apologized to Russia for this free export. China also has exported Bird Flu and SARS in the past. I do not recall an apology for these exports.

PC (Chidambaram) is trying to lure investors at the India Economic summit. I hope they have more corporations with names like “Virgin”. We can have them invest in Tamil Nadu. They have virgin call centers there.

Raj Thackeray has resigned from the executive committee of the Shiv Sena. Bal Thackeray has managed to foster hate based politics even his family. Admirable consistency of policy. Lalu and then Balasaheb. A good weekend for the congress. Soniaji will be pleased.

India had a day of lewd gestures. Greg showed a finger at some unknown spectator. The Bongs of Kolkatta were making lewd gestures at the entire nation. Eden Gardens looked like a venue of CPI/M convention. In the parliament we continued to make lewd gesture over Volcker. I met Ajit Jogi in the hospital. It was a “lewdish” gesture as I cannot stand this guy. The Thackeray’s are making lewd gestures at each other. Udhav and Raj are not sophisticated like Greg. Instead of the middle finger pointing vertical upwards, in the ghati version they point the finger horizontal with rest of the fingers standing up like horns of a rhinoceros. Lalu and Paswan do not know what lewd gestures are.

This reminds me. I have to call up Deshmukh and suggest to amicablly settle the border dispute Maharashtra has with Karnataka. Mumbai also has a border dispute with UP. Bhaiya’s feel they are in majority here. Mulayam Singh is tempted!

I like the way the media is ignoring Modi’s Gujarat. Creates a nice illusion that there is no development in this rightist governed state.

Ok. Lalu called. I hid behind the curtains, below the bed, above the kitchen cabinet but still my cook found me and handed me the phone. He wanted to know what will happen to the prosperous economy of Bihar if Nitish implements his threat of having law and order in the state.

Out of Bihar’s GDP of Rs 35,667 crore, agriculture contributes Rs 13,200 crore and Industry Rs 4,133 crore. The balance Rs 18,334 crore is from services like protection, kidnapping and extortion.

We had a riotous opening session in the parliament. Over the din I could hear that BJP wanted someone’s scalp. I offered Abu’s entire body.

I tried to locate Natwar. Where does a minister without a ministry sit in the hall?

I will address the closing session of the 21st India Economic Summit. I am tired of these economic summits. I am more than a Saradrji Economist. I am the PM of India. Need to tell my cabinet about this.

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