I have decided to ignore the communist parties while they are pissed off at the American Ambassador to India. The ambassador favored FDI in retail, changes in the FDI cap in the insurance sector and removal of hurdles to foreign banks. I too favor the same things. Will I get his job after I quit as the PM?

If we get the first Wal-Mart store in Kolkatta the communist will shut up about David Campbell Mulford.

If I initiate talks with Musharraf of demilitarizing Siachen will Pakistan agree to loose the test match?

Had a good swearing session! We avoided all the Bihari explicits. Is “explicits” proper English?

It is going to be more fun with a cabinet shuffled. I have retained the MEA, Ministry for Engaging Americans. It is also called Ministry of External Affairs. We use this term when a king from some tin pot fundamentalist American supported democratic kingdom visits us. I may allocate a minister for the second definition of MEA.

I heard someone took a hat-trick this morning and dropped Ganguly. The left does not like liberalization of Indian cricket.

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