Supreme Court of India says marriage registration is a must. As you know that I have always been unsure about my birthday. I have even bloged about this and outlook has reported my concerns about my unknown birthday. But I have a marriage certificate. I even have a passport. And a ration card! It is time I took birth.

Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy and his deputy, Mr B S Yediyurappa met me. Cook Humphrey who has worked in many Udipi eateries in Thane district served Paratha, pickle and Lassi. They got the point.

The right is still on the right. Support of BJP is always like a choking man getting air from the garbage dump. Stinks but provides the oxygen. Right-Right, Right-Right, Right-Right…we march ahead.

My cook Humphreys advised me to count Christians in various Indian public services while I was counting. It is just counting so why not count more. I have decided to count the Sikhs. Actually, I should just count the upper caste Hindus. The rest are in my vote bank.

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