Have finished greeting the nation on the festive occasion of Ugadi, Chaitra Sukladi, Gudi Padava and Cheti Chand. I told then “these festivals heralding the New Year reflect the hopes and aspirations of the people”

We have about 370 new years in India each year. Tiwari my cook has started wishing me “Happy New Year” each morning. Sometimes he wishes me the same twice a day!

Ok! Happy new years folks! You may visit your favorite public sector bank on Monday!

Sonia asks Rae Bareli for justice reports” The Tribune. She can also ask for justice from Bellary if Rae Bareli fails to provide justice! After this sympathy wave fogs the brains of the Indian electorate will she want to be the PM? I am not asking. My cook Tiwari suggested this.

Will someone update me on the state of the poor man who divorced in his sleep? Getting divorced while sleeping is a bigger constitutional crises then the “office of profit” issue! Can we arrest the guy who suggested separation between the couple and remarriage after this “sleeping divorce”? Will Soniaji say something about this?

My peace overture has been welcomed by Pakistan. Pakistan has said that the “Peace Treaty” could be possible only after the resolution of the Kashmir issue. Or If Ms Rice tells them to sing the treaty! “Whichever happens first” said Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri.

Yechury is planning to offer consulting service to the striking French workers! SPO. No marks for guessing what “S” represents.

You all know that I am a fair, honest, secular, economist, Sardarji Prime Minster. I am also not Italian. This sleeping divorce episode is repulsive! But I am going to sleep through this issue as it involves a vote bank!

Met the Sanyo President, Mr.Toshimasa Lue! He feels Indian market for consumer electronics in exploding. I am a bit sensitive to the word explode, but I let it pass.

“The heir to Britain’s throne Prince Charles and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall showed their respect for Sikhism on Tuesday by kneeling and kissing the floor of one of the religion’s holiest shrines in the foothills of the Himalayas” Reports CNN. Wow! Sikhism is honored! They also heard some Sikh music. The music is also honored. The report further stated “Charles and Camilla took off their shoes and secured their head scarves before entering the temple behind two white sheets erected as a screen.”! The royals’ taking of their shoes is like a strip tease?

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