Natwar Singh spent his birthday in solitude. I sent him a copy of “7 Habits of highly effective Politicians” by Lalu Yadav as a birthday gift. He thanked me and told me he will take it up as soon as he finishes “Successful Corruption for Dummies” by Sharad Pawar.

Pakistani opposition leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman arrived in India for talks aimed at improving India-Pakistan relations. Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto also had a chat in London. Actually, the Pakistani opposition needs to improve relationship amongst themselves.

We have defined the “office of Profit”. NDA is not happy with it. They wanted the unemployed children of all MPs included on the list. It is the primary office of Profit, they claimed.

And I am not going to mention the reservation issue today. Just to make you guys wonder if I am running the country or am just a stooge.

We had a cabinet meeting yesterday. All important issues were discussed thread bear. We discussed the impact of Windows Media player 11 beta which is to be released on 17 May will have on our younger generation. We also discussed international issues like the fact that most cutting edge technology is first utilized by the online porn industry. Porn Producer Vivid will now allow you to burn sex on to a DVD online. What impact such technology will have on our software industry and is our software industry porn-ready? We also solved the issue of reservation by having Pranab Mukherjee speak in Bonglish to the media.

U.S. established full diplomatic relations with Libya after 26 years. Amazing! 2010 coalitions may have BJP in power supported by CPI (M). I happy for Gaddafi! I am also happy for Yechury.

I asked my cook Tiwari; he is from UP, a state with 100% secular caste politics; how can I identify a person from higher caste? Tiwari told me that he learnt his cooking in an Udipi restaurant in Mumbai and has no idea. But he added he can differentiate between Tulu and Kanada…which I told him were languages and not caste!

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