A-aha! I finally got it. Kumar Ketkar’s piece in the Indian Express said it in a single line! Our banking system in the rural areas resembles moneylenders! Amazingly all bank managers in rural areas start their name with “pathan”. There is Pathan Shankar Patil of SBI, Pathan Ramnath Kelkar of National Bank for Agriculture and Pathan…

There was a communication failure between the aircraft flying me and the ATC at Palam. There was also a communication failure between me and Pawar. We also have a communication hic-up with CPI(M) who are on the wrong aircraft headed nowhere.

Mumbai’s pioneering Gujarati newspaper completes 184 years, Tiwari found this item in the Gulf News. Times of India thinks it is the only newspaper that can complete anything in India and has not reported this yet.

Pinki Dalal, Young editor of Asia’s oldest newspaper. Also the only editor in the world with Pink in her name!

Pawar is joining me during my two-day visit to Vidarbha. He is not as good company as Montek but on his home terrain he is the best. If we cannot come to any conclusion on the relief package for farmers, we can always discuss cricket.

It is an amazing socio-economic pressure that drives a farmer to kill himself. These are two sad days in my life! I will live with the sadness and blog furiously about issues not connected with Vidarbha.

Google! CNet reviewed 10 top Google applications! They fall into three categories beta, labs or bought out. Things at Google Inc are getting beta-r and beta-r. As a Sardarji Economist Prime Minister I use Google daily and of late find more relevant results in the Google adverts than the search. It is getting beta-r and beta-r!

Beta-r Dekho, Beta-r dhundo!

V.P. Singh turned 75. He released a book to mark this day. During his term as Prime Minister he had released daku Mandal Singh.

Arjun Singh met me today. He wants to immortalize himself as the champion of backward classes. PMK leader S Ramadoss also wants to do this so does Social Welfare Minister Meira Kumar. Paswan thinks he is already immortal as a backward class human but will die as an ordinary politician. I have told Arjun to get off my back.

The 50-member House International Relations Committee approved landmark Indo-US nuclear deal 37 to 5. I have spoken to Chotta Rajan about these five.

Other then the Indo-US nuclear deal, the American are busy choosing whether they should allow their citizen to desecrate their National flag or they should leave this to people in Iran, Iraq and Pakistan. Senators have to make a choice: protect the flag, which is a symbol of freedom, or protect the constitution, which is the literal source of American freedoms!

I am really proud of Lakshmi Mittal.

My Sardarji chest swells with pride when I hear him speak with his Indian accent.

Quite a few of our Punjabi and Gujarati desis fly over United States of America or UK to reach their petrol pumps or motels. During this flight they acquire American tonsils. First thing they tell their aging uncles who have sponsored their immigration is “Hey Dude”

Tiwari still thinks that Luxembourg is a name of a German car! As you know he thought Volcker was also a name of car till we sacked Natwar.

After the successful bid on Arcelor, my attention is back on bids from Sri Lanka to export vanaspati to India. My wife told me that the Prime Ministers office need not import vanaspati as she can manage this commodity. Ghar ka Ghee I believe!

Tiwari gave me 40 things I should know about Superman, after we watched Krish together. Krish, well, Tiwari will review it later for you after he makes my cheese-peas-potato-tomato paratha breakfast. I know, we usually do not mince tomato into the filling for a Paratha, but tomato is a-political issues and I shall have it.

As the week begins, I am planning to work hard, keep all my promises, write my to-do’s at the start of the day, respect my minister’s opinion, exercise, take my family to watch Superman, save money and run this country. Exercising will be the toughest of the lot.

Have a great week.

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