Indians in general are very cruel to animals. PETA has managed to have Indian leather boycotted by American retail giants Kenneth Cole and Liz Claiborne. We slaughter our animals inhumanely. Sometimes we even kill them before taking their hide off!

Death of children in Lebanon is distressing. Israel agrees! So does USA! So does Hezbollah! So does Hamas! I too agree with it. But the bombing will begin again after a 24 hour break….

Precision bombing by Israel?

Vayalar Ravi, Union minister for overseas Indian affairs is taking steps to protect the Indian laborer from being burnt to death in the Middle East. Arab proof passports are on the anvil.

I am still not sure who the mole is. Jaswant, it is actually quite simple to pick up the phone and whisper the name into my ear!

Have a great week!

V P Singh told the media that Indian would become a US puppet if the nuclear deal goes through. He was at his Teen Murti residence. First Murti is called Mandal, second is Bofors and third murti is a variable, at the moment it looked like Sitaram Yechury.

VP from Teen Murti. Embedded in his thoughts!

Attended and spoke at the NDTV Profit awards. I pointed out during my speech that Indian business did well after the nation almost went bust and we pledged gold in 1991! Maybe we are headed for another big surge in growth with terrorism, reservation, infrastructure and disinvestment all headed in a wrong direction! Great opportunity! Mukesh was listening.

Have a good weekend!

Yogita from Jaipur who worked as a stewardess for Sahara Airlines breached the security at my residence. I have been telling Jaswant all along that all this mole business is nonsense. You have to just drive in and pick up secrets at 7, Race Course.

Affirmative action is on the cards. Private sectors will have to show the number of SC/ST/OBC they have on their roles in their balance sheets. The will also have to show profits.

Sometimes, I too feel I should have not voted for congress. There is too much of discriminatory politics.

Our bureaucrats do not want all to see their honest notings on official documents. We have amended the Right to Information act to protect their freedom to scribble in secret.

Why would you like to see this?

Some whiskey went missing during my last official flight back from Germany. The security officers are still hunting for it. I think we should forget about this whiskey, which by now would have passed through someone’s kidneys. My Air India crew bought 29 bottles of whiskey while in Germany. German whiskey is very popular with the crew that fly me!

I told the Lok Sabha members that we are willing to debate the Indo-US nuclear deal. It is totally transparent. Only Rice knows the reality. I will find out soon. It is unlikely that Bush will ever!

The Israeli bombings of Lebanon are off the mark. They have now started bombing UN observers claiming that they looked like ordinary Arab civilians.

Israeli guided missile vision! All Arabs look like this!

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