Marumalarchi DMK (MDMK) General Secretary Vaiko has warned India of ‘creation of Kashmir in the south’. Yes, we should avoid it. With Tamil Nadu hitting almost 121.23% reservation in all jobs and education, all Tamil pundits will soon be refugees in Massachusetts, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

I am not going to speak with Musharraf till he bombs out a few terrorist leaders in POK. We will work hard to avoid each other at Non Aligned Summit (NAM). Tiwari has prepared a disguise for me to avoid him. He was inspired at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week.Due to lack of buyers my cook got an invite there. By the way, I have to still find out from Venkat why I am going to attend NAM.

NAM mai is ka NAM nahi lunga!

Has anybody asked the Sardars, Christians or Jains if they have a problem in singing Vande Matram. No! Why? They have it as their ring tone!
Iran has many Deputy Foreign Ministers and I have only one! And I have the Foreign Ministers job too. I am an overworked Sardarji Economist Prime Mininster!

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Asia, Oceania and Commonwealth Mehdi Safari is in India They also have a Foreign Minister for USA and UK and another Foreign Minister for Israel. And one for the Lebanon too! They also have a Foreign Minister for implementing Iran in other countries.

The question was $ 25 billion LNG deal in pipe passing through Pakistan and our stand on Iran’s nuclear program. Nothing has come out of it. Ideally speaking, my personal policy is that other than India no one should have Nuclear weapons. But it is too late for that eh?

I had to cut short my trip to Koraput-Balangir-Kalahandi. Heavy Rain! I don’t know. There is something about these rains this year. Are they God sent or Pakistan has a hand in it?

Which side is the monsoon coming from this year?
Tiwari had to rush back from Mumbai to photocopy a few recipes of national importance. All the friendly neighborhood photocopying shops in Mumbai are closed. Jains are “having” or “behaving” Paryushan. I do not think they celebrate it.
Jains control all non-essential services in Mumbai. These non-essential services include Grocery stores, photocopying and laminating shops, “ready made” garments stores designed by the guys who designed the grocery, hardware stores also designed by the guy who designed the grocery etc. They also, the control the diamond and jewelry business. They used to control the BSE till the American Jews took over.

This is the only Indian festival which the Jews in Diamond trade dread. Their prayers might just work!

Jews gather to ask the wall if Jains will leave some Diamonds for them.

Paryushan is also the period when Jains end their fasting period and their fasting challenges to Ramadan. In this period when they ask forgiveness from all those people with whom they have business dealings! I think this is the only reason they continue to have business associates. Jews are also thinking of inventing a period like this.

On Ganesh Charurthi, I feel that Americans and Europeans will bring Indian Muslims and Hindus closer by discriminating equally against them. All brown!

I fooled the Indian scientist in my meeting with them yesterday and convinced them to be fooled by Americans. Earlier, the Russians were fooling them, now the Americans will do it. What is the problem?

I have still not found out if the Dutch have apologized for detaining Indians but I am sure the Americans, the marshal on the Northwest flight and the crew has not. What have we got against the Dutch? One has to go after the poor intelligence levels of American Air Marshals.

Northwest Airline. Qualification. 5.4”, White, Slim, ignorant, loud and scared.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. Kayam Churna and Eno are good products to keep in the house during these ladoo festivals.

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