Malegaon? I am going to Brazil!

I have also informed Sonia Gandhi that she will be allowed to sing Vande Matram in private places so that she is not embarrassed. Both she and Mr. Karunanidhi can sing in private. As it is we will never be able to figure out what they sang.

As the first Indian Prime Minister visiting Brazil after 38 years, I cannot help wondering what happened during the visit 38 years back. 38 years! 1968 most Indians were just borns!

Brazil has a lot of cars which run on Ethanol. We have a lot of people in India who also run on the ethanol. They are a football loving country with or without ethanol.

Tiwari is unwilling to believe that the Brazilian National flag has nothing to do with football.

I cannot be dishonest. As a Sardarji Economist Prime Minister I have to concede that Brazil is a “maha” sexy country and the tourist attractions are exposed in summer. We should play cricket there. They have the best spectators in the world. Ten Sports ratings will zoom if they focus on Brazilian spectators.

I asked Arjun; now that we have sung Vande Matram he should find some other issue to divide the nation.

I watched the narco-analysis test of Abdul Karim Telgi on TV. As a Prime Minister I get all the information immediately after the nation sees it. Telgi was asked to mention the “names of politicians” during the interrogation and he mentioned Vilasrao Deshmukh, Chhagan Bhujbal, Sharad Pawar and George Bush. I guess I am still not considered a politician. He was not asked the name of the bar dancer on whom he showered a ton of cash. Tiwari was interested in this name. Says he has to meet her. I guess it is irrelevant who got the money the bar dancer or Chagan Bhujbal.

I called up Iranian President Ahmedinejad and reaffirmed the need to speed up cooperation in energy and infrastructure projects. Energy, he did not promise, but he said after he wipes out Israel, infrastructure in the new region will be a possibility. He also wanted to know if Vande Matram means “I bow to my mother:” If that is the case, in middle east, they have “mother of battles”, “mother of bombs”, “mother of armies”, mother of….which mother man?

Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss, Health Minister in my ministry proclaimed that he didn’t approve of Shah Rukh Khan smoking in DON. I have requested Venkat to dig out his resume and see if he can get a job for this man…in any municipal cooperation’s health department.

If you thought Agasis farewell was a tear jerker with 28,000 people standing, just watch Tony Blair’s farewell. Mr. Bush and half of the US Congress will give him a standing ovation on his last day in the House of Commons. The English ministers are revolting against “Yo Blair”

Vande Matram!

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