I am on a break today. I have decided to let the nation celebrate the next few days without doing anything. Usually if the Government does not do anything all are fine.

I will restrain myself from doing anything and let you have a good holiday.

So what promise should I make to myself this Diwali? Here goes:

  1. I will introduce more humor in my life. Let the nation smile. We can grow at 10% with a sense of humor. I am the saddest looking leader in the world.
  2. I will exercise twice a day. In the Morning for my body and mind. In the evening for my body and soul. It will help me combat CPI, SIMI and Banjrang Dal at the same time.
  3. I will brush my teeth twice a day. Most of this nation does it only once and Colgate is threatening to leave us at the mercy of Anchor.
  4. I will never ever spit, dig my nose or clean my ears in front of a foreign dignitary or even Tiwari. I know this our national pastime, but I am outlawing it for all.
  5. I will not lie. Diplomatically or undiplomatically. I will say things that I mean in word and spirit. I can do this because I am a Sardarji.
  6. I will listen to all. Including the upper middle class and Arjun Singh. But I will do what Soniaji tells me.
  7. I will learn how to play Golf. All world leaders play golf. Why not me?

What will I do for the nation? Make it proud!

Happy Diwali!

IE 7 has been released. I know this has got nothing to do with India but the North Korean dictator will be glad to get off the headlines.

Most of the things like providing primary education, electricity, and drinking water as well as ensuring safe sex are not possible for a Sardarji Economist Prime Minister. So actually, as a Prime Minister what should I take up?

Here is some stuff for your Diwali break:

  1. Stop spitting on the streets
  2. Practice your religion in your houses and leave the public places alone
  3. Have safe sex or at best do not have it. Most folks do not have any idea of how serious this is. AIDS and population explosion.
  4. Start using IE 7. Firefox will not bring any investment into India
  5. If you are a upper class Brahmin, get ready to start your business. That is the only way you will be employed in future. Rest will be reserved.
  6. If you are intelligent please let me know, I am looking for a new Foreign Minister.

Khai ke pan Banaras walla, kere desh ki ijat ka bhaji pala!


This is not a Forbes list, but a list nevertheless; Nigeria is inching closer to us and will soon become the homeland for the second largest HIV positive population. We are a fast developing country, which have to appear on all list.

Recently Tiwari pointed out a new list. As Muslim clerics said a lady raped by her father-in- law’s should now leave her husband. We made it to another third spot in this list which I will not name as I am a secular Sardarji Economist Prime Minister. We were just behind Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. We are a fast growing economy, which is present on all lists.

I am also the third guy on the list of head of Sates that Bush threatened the other day to vote against Venezuela. This list was also short and we made it to it!

We are also third in the list of all countries that are present on all lists. Nice to be running a listed nation!


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