Sonia Madam was in Gujarat last week. Just like I never fail to address her as an Italian, she never misses an opportunity to associate me with the communal violence. She even indirectly blamed the 5 crore Gujaratis’ leaders to have Nathuram Godse in their hearts in the land of Gandhi.

Today is the 57th Republic Day. I wish 5 crore Gujaratis and the remaining 96 crore Indians, more than half of whom do neither know the difference between Independence Day and Republic Day, nor the importance, a very happy Republic Day.

I had been busy flying Kites. The International Glolbal Investors Summit came to an end. Gujarat is richer by almost Rs. 4.5 lakh crore. While I was busy flying Kites, the Sardarji Economist Prime Minister was calling me Right Wing Hindu Nationalist Chief Minister. Some day I will tie him to the kite and fly him.

Kaun Banega Crorepati is coming back from 22nd January. I want to ask Shahrukh Khan, forndly called SRK, on behalf of 5 crore Gujjus, how many zero does 4.5 lakh crore have?

I am in Cebu, Philippines to attend the fifth India-ASEAN Summit and the second East Asia Summit.I do not have many software chaps and politicians with me this time around. The software guys are at the Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas attending the neighboring Adult Entertainment Expo and the politicians are busy flying kites.

Pranab is in Pakistan. Musharraf rejected our invitation to visit India during SARC. It is my turn to visit, he says. So nice and desi!


Like hell! We have a Right Wing Hindu Nationalist Chief Minister blogging on the blog of a Secular Conservative Sradraji Economist Prime Minister! I will have to blog more often to maintain the balance.

The Right Wing Hindu Nationalist Chief Minister and I do not agree on most of the issues, values and policies. But this is what a democracy is about! Conflict and Chaos! I welcome the CM of Gujarat on the blog.

This reminds me, that as a Sardarji Economist Prime Minister I should point out that Guru is a patriotic movie about the freedom struggle of an Indian businessman. Freedom struggle against the license Raj. A must watch! Fortunately it is also well made and has a good cast. Indian businesses will be encouraged to break the law for the good of the nation by this movie.

Let us not kid about Guru! He is Guru!

Had a good meeting with the RBI Governor Dr C Rangarajan. The outlook for the FOREX reserve looks good. I will have more ministers/CM/babus going abroad on a junket. The Right Wing Hindu Nationalist Chief Minister cannot go out. He cannot get a visa. Sometimes I wonder what will happen if The Right Wing Hindu Nationalist Chief Minister ever becomes a Minister at the center and has to visit USA!

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