I have ordered a study on how big chain stores will impact small businesses. Now, now….please…I know you all have the answers…but will you let the experts decide for me?

Railway budget is going to be interesting. I got a sneak preview. Railway budget is going to be like Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd. As Elvis D’Silva says, very good when you read the script but when you start making the movie and deliver it you have a very poor show.

And like always the woes of the Mumbaikars will be ignored in all budgets.

Lalu’s counterpart in Pakistan Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has expressed concern over India’s single-handed investigation into the bombing of the Samjhota Express. He wants to know why there is no progress in arresting a couple of Hindus from Bajrang Dal. Well, we are trying. We want to be secular in our spread of terrorist arrest. Unfortunately, most traveling on the Samjota Express were Muslims. This is making it very difficult for the secular investigation agencies to question Hindus who were not traveling on that train. But we are trying, my friend Rashid, we are trying…

No hair on his ears! Lalu says you cannot have him as a Railway Minister.

I am going to attend a wedding soon. Aishwarya’s wedding. This is an Ash Ash wedding season.

Devyani, who is the great grand daughter of the last Rana Prime Minister of Nepal late Mohan Shumsher Rana, has chosen as her life partner, India’s central minister Arjun Singh’s grandson Aishwarya Singh. The series of ceremonies will be held at Sindhya House in Sarojini Nagar, Delhi.

56.25% of ceremonies are in the reserved category. I will be able to attend the balance.

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