Tiwari passed me this link from rediff.com. The title is 3,500-year-old investment tips that still work! by Akhilesh Tilotia of PARK Financial Advisors. I was so impressed by this that I decided that the whole nation should know about it. So here it goes on a Sunday morning:

  1. Pay yourself first – Before you pay others for the services that they give you, you should save money for yourself. You are working for yourself and not just for paying your bills
  2. Make your money work harder -Indians typically ‘save’ a lot — as demonstrated by the savings to GDP ratio of around 30%. However, in many cases, savings do not translate into investments, which earn returns. Leaving money in the savings account for a rainy day is not investment. Such savings are like impotent people, who are progressively eaten away by age — and inflation.
  3. Take calculated risks — but do take them – Depending on your circumstances, you should define the amount and nature of risks that you can take. If you are nearing your retirement and have painstakingly built your nest-egg over your working life, it is important for you to ensure safety of your principal. Conversely, if you are young and without responsibilities, you can risk your savings for higher returns.
  4. Be persistent – There will be shocks on the way, but it is important that your savings are working for you
Amazingly simple. Now that you have acquired the gyan…start implementing it. This is where our nation fails. We are a nation of consultants and critics. All know the way but do not know how to drive.

Inaugurated the Indian Olympic Bhawan. Olympics? India? Tiwari should not schedule such appointments for me.

Here is my take on how to popularize a few unpopular sports in India:

  1. The lowest level has the highest price. The winner of Andheri sports meet should get Rs 1 million while the medal winners for a Mahrashtra state meet should get Rs 200,000
  2. TV news channel to get a tax rebate if they interview one sports person other that an cricketer each day
  3. Rs 10 Cr reward if one wins any medal in gymnastics in the next 10 years.
  4. Cricket to have OBC/ST/SC reservation as per the guidelines for the central education institutes.
  5. Bookies to be given amnesty if they organize betting around athletic events.

Our nation under the rule of the Secular Congress party lead by our beloved leader Shrimati Sonia Gandhi backed by intelligent and innovative support from Communist parties lead by Comrade Sitaram Yechury and Comrade Prakash Karat has joined the US $ 1 trillion GDP club.

The U.K. is the only economy to stop being a trillion-dollar economy for a while after attaining the status the first time, India is likely to be the second.

At my request Petroleum Minister Murli Deora, made an unscheduled stopover at Tehran and met President Ahmadinejad. He told Ahmadinejad that he can sell his gas anywhere for a higher price but if they do not honour 2005 contract to sell 5 million tonnes of LNG to India he will loose credibility in Secular India. A pointless threat to a country which is taking on USA but what the F ..we cannot let it pass can we?

I released a collection of Parliamentary Speeches of Maulana Syed Asad Madani. He was a fine product of our freedom struggle and composite culture I told the audience at the Fida-e-Millat Seminar on “Hazarat Maulana Syed Asad Madani: Life and Contribution.”

If you are asking the question who was Maulana Syed Asad Madani and will try a Wikipedia search next, please do not waste your time…but do let me know who he was as he was definitely important enough for me to release a book on his speeches.

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