All Assam Adivasi Students’ Association is a student body in Assam. As per vote bank politics this association wants indigenous Santhal tribe be considered as ST under the Indian constitution, which brings with it affirmative measures like education and job quotas.

The locals in Assam are upset about this and stripped an Adivasi women naked

Now this is what is called caste politics. Is Arjun tuned in?

I am a Rajya Sabha MP from Assam. Should I visit there? I will have to check this with Soniaji.

I will be visiting China in January. I cannot stand the idea of our artists being being racially abused in UK, we have to start looking East to shoot our movies. How can you racially abuse Bipasha? One has to be blind to overlook her sexy body and focus on her skin color.

I am not feeling funny today. Like yesterday, I am brooding about how we keep imagining that any religion can be moderate. Is it possible for any religion when followed down to the last word in any holy book be moderate? I will have to ask Soniaji about this.

We suspended Pakistan from the Commonwealth during our meet at Kampala. We have suspended then from many locations but Kampala was better. Next time we can suspend them from Jamaica. We can do it while watching an exciting Indo-Pak cricket match. It would be more fun.
We are pitching for the candidature our envoy in London, Kamlesh Sharma, for the post of Commonwealth secretary general. I do not know what a Secretary General of the Commonwealth does but I am sure he will be as relevant to the world as the commonwealth itself.

I must say the white queen looks more attractive in Kampala then she does in Edinburgh.

Gori Gori…Rani Ma.

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