While Pawarsaheb is willing to declare me as the Prime Ministerial candidate for the next elections, Soniaji is still deliberating. This is disconcerting for me.

I think in terms of the following I am better qualified than Rahulbaba:
1. Education
2. Experience
3. International Relationship
4. Clean Image
5. Popularity within the party

Of course Rahulbaba is dynastically ahead of me. Will Soniaji and the congress overlook this and make me the PM?

Soniaji says that Rahulbaba can match anyone:

1. Education: He has more years in the same class then anyone
2. Experience: He has inherited plenty of it
3. International Relationship: He is the only one with the “phoren” girfriend
4. Clean Image- Have you seen him with a overgrown beard?

5. Popularity within the party: Even grand parents of ministers touch his feet. What else do you want?

International Experience hai Kya?
Karat says that there is a need of a third front.Yes, I agree. BJP and Congress are not good enough to fight the communist, we need one more party to chew into their vote bank!

Karat saheb in the center of the front!
We have most of the things in place now.
We have written off farmers loans. This has created a new vote bank for the congress called the “indebted farmer”. Every five years we will activate this vote bank at the cost of other banks…like the State Bank of India. The left is fuming mad about this strategic move.

We will be increasing the salaries of government employees. A vote bank of 4,500,000. The left is pissed off about this.

Pranab is in US. He has explained our plan to George Bush. He too does not like out communists.

I made my point again while laying a foundation stone for a 1,500-MW gas-based power plant at Bawana in Outer Delhi. We need other sources of energy.

Karat…ab bolo? Kya karan hai?

Prakash Karat….Marxism does not age!

Prakash, you should have left for Dubai when you were younger.

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