I want to point to a rather unnoticed event. It may be the beginning of the end of Moditva. Modi lied in his public speech and said the 108 ambulance service in Gujarat was a state initiative and Gujarat was the first state to implement it. It was not. Definitely!

If he can lie about this, will the people of Gujarat ask themselves, is he lying about other things too?

EMRI the brain child of the Stayam Chief and was launched in AP first. Gujarat was the second. It had central funding.

Yeah, Narendra Modi is like Mayawati, Laloo, Mulayam, Arjun and Rahul…full of bullshit. Will Gujarat please take a note of this lie?

While laying the foundation stone for modernisation and expansion of the Bokaro Steel Plant, I told the steel manufacturers to not manipulate prices. It is quite an interesting thing to say. If Mittal buys couple of companies so that he can control the prices of steel and get rich, we, Indians are proud. So should we be proud of steel prices?
Anyway, my landing at Palm go delayed by 16 minutes today. The ATC noticed a unidentified blip on their radar….must be Rahul Gandhi..heheheheh. I hope Soniaji is not reading my blog today.
Mere Radar pe Kaun blip blip kar raha hai?
I inaugurated the third Civil Services Day today. I told the top civil servants, “In the quest to build a modern nation, absorbing the best from the outside world, epitomizing Gandhiji’s vision of an inclusive society, the civil services have played an admirable role.”
Well, if you are inaugurating the Civil Services Day, you cannot speak about corruption, can you?

Here are some candid suggestion for the India Civil Service from the Secular Sardarji Economist Prime Minister.

  • Please stop eating Pan. All of you!
  • Please make sure that your kids get good values. It does not matter that you are corrupt, lecherous, sex starved maniac…your kids should not pull guns and rape foreigners.
  • If you have anything to say against Soniaji or Rahulbaba, please quit the congress and return to the civil service. We will make you the collector of Bundarghad.
  • Align yourself with a political party after 5 years into civil service. It will easier for all of us to plot and plan against each other.
  • If you are in an extremely high position please ensure that you take good training from Mr. Gill. I, myself, did not know that this election commissioner was in the congress till we made him the minister.
An inspirational Gill Pill for the Civil Service- Election Commissioner to Minister of State Sports & Youth Affair

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