Gay rights supporters marched in Calcutta, Bangalore and New Delhi pushing for acceptance in Indian society. The sex ratios in India are looking very positive for gay men. They are likely to find acceptance faster. I and Shivraj were wondering if this could be a possible vote bank for the Congress. Maybe we can reserve 2% seats in IIM for homosexuals. It will look so broad minded that even the upper class Hindu vote bank of the BJP may turn to us.
I also discussed the Kashmir situation with Shivraj. We both agreed that one has to be in the opposition to state explicitly that Kashmir is an integral part of India and we do not care two hoots about separatists.

Karat says he will withdraw support to us. Amusing! He really thinks that he has been supporting me during the last four years! I am going to turn to Javedbhai’s buddy Mulayam to bail me out.

Javed has some vague connections with Dawood. Mulayam is just a cricket fan

I believe the partition of India was one even which shaped our history. The other event with a profound impact was a wedding….

The repercussions were experienced years after…

As a Secular Sardraji Economist Prime Minister who has been married for sometime, I cannot marry again to shape history. I am going to spit in the eye of the communist in a way that the nation never ever votes for these commies. We are going to IAEA in July. This will make history.

First, Please read Kashmir Solution for Dummies

Second, please ask the Muslim Personal Law Board to say something about the issue.

Third, let us also hear a fatwa on this from Darul-Uloom Deoband.

I cannot control the inflation if the Indian Muslims do not take a stand. Once for all, will all the Indian Muslim stand up and say that Kashmir is a part of India and there cannot be any discussion on this?

I feel the Communist also should take a stand. Are they Chinese or Indian?

VP “Mandal” Singh did not celebrate his 75 th birthday. Three reasons for this. First he is in a hospital. Second he has reservations about celebrating in a hospital. Third , other than me no one remembered his birthday.

I heard that Robin Cook is about to release his latest novel in which the plot has sexy Indian women being trained as nurses by unscrupulous medical entrepreneurs in USA for something nasty. This is bad. Communist will tell me…see…this is what they think about us….and you…you Sardar want to sign a deal with them! Shame on you.
I called up Praful to find out how he managed to have an Air India flight flly well past its destination with both its pilots fast asleep in the cockpit. I have quite a few ministries with the pilots asleep, Praful was not one of them.

Other pilots also napping!

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