Italy has sent a message, “the strong expectation of the government (of Italy) for decisive, preventative and repressive action on the part of Indian authorities”. This is about the VHP leader killed by Christiansoops no, it is about the Hindus burning churches. I will let Soniaji handle it. She knows both, Christianity and Italy.
Sonaiji has slipped to number 21 and Maya bhenji has entered the list of the most powerful women at no 59. Fantastic. Four months to go for the new year and I have already got my first resolution in place. “Ignore all list from Forbes”.

Mayawati Naina Kumari…number fifty nine

I am going to weep about the situation in Bihar. I am very sad. Gods must crazy!

I am off to Bihar tomorrow. We will have to help Nitish and his team. Laluji has adviced me to not say anything about how he managed Bihar but focus on his work at the Rail Bhavan. Nitish, poor guy is having a tough time handling the flood.
I was having a look at what the nuclear deal and the Nano project have done to the Communist Party. One project by Mukesh in West Bengal and we can win the elections there.

Please consider it very secular when I post a picture of a burning church in Orrisa.
The Hindu ashrams in Orrisa also look the same. The mosque may be smaller. I as a Secular Sardarji Economist Prime Minister can pray in any of these…pray for uninterrupted power supply and drinking water…

All religions look and feel the same in flames..
I inaugurated a new training centre of Tata Consultancy Services at IIT-Guwahati . The land seems to have be procured legally. I did not see Medha Patkar anywhere around. Phew…. I have also promised a world-class university, an institute of petroleum technology and a national design institute to the people of Assam. I am also planning to promise them peace and security soon.
After making these promises in Assam I bought Imperial Energy Plc for 1.4 billion pounds to tap Siberian oil deposits. We have sucked out the oil from Assam. We need to look at some other places. Next, I met the Olympic contingent. A rare occasion when I could actually congratulate some winners.

Chiranjeevi new party is called Praja Rajyam. People’s Rule. Sounds like Janta Dal. He is likely to chew into Naidu’s vote bank. In Andhra Pradesh we have vote banks based on the film star you pray to.

Big C ignores the advice from Big B….

On August 26, 1959, Chinese troops crossed into Indian territory after a border dispute. They withdrew after 2 years. Their teachings remain popular in West Bengal. Mamta Banerjee also plans to withdraw in two years…from Singur.
As a Secular Sardarji Economist Prime Minister I noticed that Tata Motors script surged upwards by 2%. Dalal Street is pleased that TATA may withdraw from West Bengal? Mamta madam has got support from surprising quarters eh?

No we do not need a Nano! Nahi! Nahi! Nahi!

After attending the Rally with Mamta, Amar Singhji went to Delhi and met Rahulbaba. After this Amar Singhji went and met Ahmed Patel. Ahmed Patel went and met Soniaji. Soniaji called Rahulbaba and told him that he should stop claiming that it was because of the presence of the Gandhi family in the opening ceremony that India won 3 medals at the Olympics.

I like the weather in Assam. It is better then Singur and New Delhi.

I will be in Assam on Monday and Tuesday. They will be allocating 75% of the states bandwidth for my blogging and playing with my new 3G IPhone. The ordinary Assamese can send their emails after I leave. I hope it is not too inconvenient for them. But remember I am their nominee into the Rajya Sabha and some sacrifices are in order for them.
While in Assam, I will also read some tea leaves and say nice things. Predicting the future by reading tea leaves is called Tasseography. In western India this science is called fakology. In Delhi we call it Amar-vani. What do they call it in Assamese?

I cannot read the leaves after they are processed in UP style!

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