Source of terrorism can be traced back to millions of years when GOD got created under the first ever General Public License (Open Source Code) structure.

Due to the early open source policy of creators of GOD, self appointed implementation partners may have completely modified the source code to localize the application of GOD. These may or may not include likes of Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Mahavir, Krishna etc. This was fine, as the localized code worked fine for the limited period.

Due to major modification in the original source code, the central body could no longer control things under GPL. All this resulted in more implementation partners and who kept modifying the source code for localized benefits. As time moved on the original source code was lost…

Implementation partner….

One such implementer is LADIN…a bit out of touch with the original source code…isn’t he?

Just as I get ready to hit the world with my Secular Sardarji Economist charm and meet beautiful Vice Presidential candidates in New York, Sri Sri Sri Ravi Shankar attacked my policies from Bhubhneshwar. He says that my 25 lakh scholarship for minority students is dividing the classrooms. Really? Maybe I should increase it to a couple of Crores so that it is comparable with the spending on education by the rich majority.

Sri Sri Sri is having a field day in Orrisa. He said “Though people have the right to convert voluntarily, attempts to effect conversion through allurement under the garb of social service should not be allowed. It will destroy pluralism in society,” He said this while promising to open a World Class University in Orissa which will provide technical education along with Yoga and Spiritualism. He will call it the Sri Sri Sri Hindu Madaressa and Anti Conversion College of Technical Education.

Sri Sri Sri v/s Dr. Dr. Dr.

RIL will save India Rs 90,000cr imports per Year. Amar Singh called me up. He wanted to know if I can inform the nation before I leave for France and US that oil and gas reserves have been created years back and have not been invented by Mukeshbhai.

I am off on a tour to France and USA from Monday. I have to explain to the world leaders why the Muslims in my country believe that the encounter in which a top Delhi cop was shot dead was fake. We planted dead bodies there and shot our own cop! If Shivraj stage managed this to prove a point, I must say that he can have his job even in the next government.
Meanwhile my Finance Minister while delivering the Field Marshal K M Cariappa Memorial Lecture said that alienation of the Muslim community is one of the biggest challenges to the country. They should be integrated into the society.

Well, if this nation can accept a Sardar as a Prime Minister, Dr Kalam as a President the why don’t you accept Rafikbhai as your neighbour?

Sometimes it is difficult to be secular if you are a vegetarian!

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