National Sample Survey Organisation reports that more and more Muslim boys and girls are going to school. They are attending school more regularly then the other communities. They have more pressures of finding a job….wonder why?

Challenges of secular education in an Islamic World
Meanwhile Soniaji, I, Laluji and Mulayamji have finally manged to identify Hindu Terrorists. Real ex-army men and Sadhavis who like to explode bombs in Muslim neighborhoods. The best is that the secular media has video clips of them sitting with Rajnathji. Islamic terrorism over the years has flourished under secular government and now we have seeded Hindu Terrorism for the first time in India under a Secular Economist Sardarji Prime Minister.

Capitalist banks have failed. The Communist and Islamic Fundamentalist are happy. It is a real sadistic joy to “I told you so” when the other guy is losing millions.

I am right back after a break. I cannot be “left back”, just hear what Karat says and one would like to be on an eternal break. At the moment being on the right of the break feels better.

Mamta has finally become Amar. First TATA, now she is after Delhi police She is now Amar! Mamta Didi Amar raho!

Meanwhile Harbajan has aplogised for playing Ravan on a reality show. In future he will only do it on the cricket field.

Harbajan? I thought he was a Sardar like me!

Poll schedule for constituting the new legislative assemblies of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Mizoram and Delhi have been declared. This election and the next Lok Sabha polls are like a plebiscite. Do we as a nation want to be secular like Congress or secular like BJP. The sad part is that people might just find a path midway and make the nation secular like Mayawati.

Meanwhile Maya memsahib has informed Soniaji that she can set up a rail coach factory in UP provided she unveils her statue first.

Maya ki Chal..thumak thumak

I also met Amar Singhji and Mamta Banerjee. Both apprised me on how they saved the farmers at Singur. Amar Singhji also wanted Ratan Tata to make up his mind and decide if he is a politician or an industrialist just like Big B and Anil Ambani have made up their minds.

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