I and Shivraj had a detailed discussion on the idiot factor today. Each terrorist attack in India is rated with an idiot factor which measures how stupid we were before, during and after the attack. As you know. idiot is the superlative term for a fool.

Quite honestly, the idiot factor for the 28/11 attack on Mumbai is low. The terrorist came across the border and Mumbai police does not even know where Islamabad is located. As far as the idiot factor goes, the train attacks in Mumbai and the serial blast in other cities like Ahmadabad have a higher Idiot factor. With more than 100 people discussing planting bombs our police did not
know something is brewing.

These attacks on Taj and Oberoi have an higher “virtual” Idiot factor. The type of targets, the type of people killed and the style gives this a higher virtual rating. Our media is giving this an extremely high idiot factor which is likely to make me loose the elections.

Also while assigning this attack very high on the idiot factor they are also out Modi bashing. What is wrong with the mascot of anti terrorism from BJP to visit the location of attack? Nothing. In fact he may empower the already biased Mumbai police into some action. But I am so glad that I have NDTV and CNN IBN on my side. No one has called my speech lackadasical, meanigless and devoid of emotion. They did not call Bush stupid till 3 years after 9/11.

Finally, when are we going to ask the toughest question? Is it possible for a religion to fail? What role does the world and human right activists have in transforming a religion which is unwilling to be a part of the society?

As a Secular Sardarji Economist Prime Minister I have one question to ask myself…if I have to racially profile people to stop terrorist, should I?

Jai Hind. Vande Matram

Australia opener Matthew Hayden on Wednesday termed India as a “third world” country. “Often we find ourselves waiting with hands on hips for someone to face up or someone on the sight board to move away or some of those little frustrations happening with third world countries,” Hayden was quoted as saying by Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

The Australians are more advanced, developed and racist. They do not have movement near the sight board. They have streakers in full view of the spectators, fielders, batsman and umpires.

First world, developed country in action!

I am quite busy. We had the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (Bimstec) which other than me know one is even talking about. I met the Sri Lankan

President. He says he is ready for talks with LTTE. That made me a bit more confident. I am ready for talks with Karunanidhi now.

Now for G 20!

I have declared that Ganga will be our national river. It may help me get a few votes from the VHP types. I call this the maili ganga vote bank.

Ram teri ganga Maili

I have to mention Obama. I always had the view that the only NGO required on this planet is to change the way the white man looks at the world. US election has changed this. It proves that if you have a black Muslim heritage but are brought up the white way you can get anywhere in USA! I really am skeptical about how positive this development is for India but I may not be a Secular Sardarji Economist Prime Minister when Obama come calling….

I will be visiting Oman on Saturday for a two-day official visit. Pranb just visited Iran. We have to get to all places where there is oil.. Just four days before Pranb reached Tehran, the Tehran Times featured an article titled “The Black Day of Kashmir – 61 years of pain” Pranab is going to have a good time building that Pipeline from Iran to Pakistan.

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