I have been busy. First the terror attacks. These were the easiest to handle as we did not have to do anything. US is more worried then us. Then we got a few resignations. I did not have to do much in this too as Soniaji handles the HR related issues in our company. Now we have this Antulay mess. I had a frank discussion with him. He says at the back of his mind he meant that the Sangh parivar sent Karkare to his death. We can say anything about the sangh parivar to please the Muslims. Now that Digvijay and Lalu are backing him I feel safe to leave him in the cabinet and take major decision on terrorism with us.

I am busy saving the Indian industry..

Have a good 2009

I am considering naming S M Krishna as our Finance Minister. He is the best educated, pro reform chamcha of Soniaji that I can find at the moment.

Sheila winning in Delhi was a surprise. I think stupidity is contagious Delhiets got it from UP next door.

I am going to inaugurate an international conference on terrorism on December 13. As you know I am an expert in winning elections in spite of consistent terror attacks and I am quite a hit with counter terrorism politicians now!

Phecan Kaun?

13 May ——– JAIPUR
June ——————-
26 July ———— AHMADABAD
August —————————
13 September ———— DELHI
October ————————-
26 November ————— MUMBAI
December —————————-
13 January —————–

As a Sardraji Economist Prime Minister with additional charge of Finance I am not very good with police investigation techniques. This is too silly a pattern. Only fools will be planning terror attacks based on such patterns. This is of course a coincidence which we should all ignore.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is here. He is selling nuclear reactors. We bought four more reactors for Tamil Nadu. With a Chief Minister who has a son called Stalin anything we buy from Russia is blessed in Tamil Nadu first!

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