I have been moved from the ICU to a room with a view. This has broadened my imagination. It is actually running rampant. I noticed that Rahulbaba is visiting Gujarat to woo youths in the state to join our party. One good way to defeat BJP in Gujarat is to have Rahulbaba marry a gujju chick from Amdavad. What a thought! I think I should visit the ICU and check what they had been injecting me there.

Parsi, Kashmiri Pandit and Italian parentage. How about finding him a girl from Amethi!
The Pakistan government in 1969 commissioned Khaliq Ibrahim to make a documentary on Mirza Ghalib. The movie was completed in 1971-2, and is regarded as a masterpiece. It is said, that the movie, a docudrama, was historically more correct than what the official Pakistan government point of view was. Thus, it was never released. Till this date, barring a few private viewing, the movie is lying with the Department of Films and Publication, Government of Pakistan. The movie was made on 16 mm format. Ghalib’s role was played by actor Subhani Bayunus, who later played this role in many TV productions.

Reading Wikipedia is also stressful for a recuperating Prime Minister. It has so much of relevant information on Galibh. I think I switch to stuff by RD and Javedsaheb

In 1985, Sagar was the name of the movie. Javedsaheb wrote the lyrics and RD composed.

O Maariyaa, O Maariyaa, O Maariyaa O Ho O
O Maariyaa, O Maariyaa, O Maariyaa Ho Ho Ho Ho
Jonny Jab Bolaa Thaa Tujhase Shaadii Karegii Mujhase
Kaise Kahaa Thaa Ye Bataa
O Maariyaa, O Maariyaa …

This is the kind of stuff which is good for the heart!

The view from the room is not so good. But in India, most of the hospitals and hotels look on to some slum or the other. I cannot complain about this, neither can you about Slumdog Millionaire.
I missed the Republic day parade. It is rather sad. My open heart surgery is likely to adversely hit my candidature as the PM after the next election. I am an old unwell man. But the same question will be asked about Advaniji. Will this clear the way for Rahulbaba?

Sri Ram Sena is all over the news networks. After watching NDTV reruns of these Ram sainiks beating up young girls I requested my doctor to give me anesthesia again.

Shri Ram Sena…they should have dressed the part too!

How does the media get invited to these events? CBI should start a news service so that they are invited to these mega events.

Kashmir Observer reports that the United Jehad Council has strongly rejected my stand on Kashmir in a letter from me to the British prime minister. It seems I have written to Gordon Brown “that Kashmir was an integral part of India”. Really? Do I have to write a letter to Gordon about this.

David Miliband also supports the stand by United Jehad Council. He will be a consultant to Hurriyatt conference in Kashmir after he looses the next election.

Rahulbaba has to be careful as to whose tour guide he becomes

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