Mayawatiji just adversely hit the third front. Varun had earlier been charged with attempt to murder, rioting and other offenses. But Mayamemsahib now think he is a security threat to the nation and charged him under NSA. All the secular fence sitters will now vote for the BJP as they think that we are stupid. So given a choice between a smart communal BJP and a stupid Third Front lead by Maya they will definitely choose the BJP.
Secular Third Front to be charged with stupidity!
I have been a bit anxious…about the IPL. But now since things have been sorted out, I am looking forward to meeting the President of US, winning the coming election and ensuring that I do not change into Mayawatiji or Advaniji

How a Secular Sardarji Economist Prime Minister looks when he is anxious.
The Indian sub continent is now the most resilient part of the world. For years it has been resilient.
It is resilient to abject poverty and has won a few Oscars for it.

It is resilient to economic recession. Congress party kept the entire nation under socialist recession till IMF compelled me to open up the economy. The current economic slow down is just what normalcy used to be in 1984.

We are also resilient to terrorist attack. The attack seems to terrorize only the celebrities and the white man. We must stop calling it a terror attack as it fails to terrorize the local population in India or Pakistan.

We are also resillient to the judicial system in India. Very effective…

I will be meeting the President of Benin Mr. Boni Yayi as my first official engagement after I got my heart fixed. I am planning to tell him that the Pakistani Minister of state for shipping, Sardar Nabil Ahmed Gabol who is accusing India on master minding the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team is full of shit. I mean, can you imagine a heart patient, Secular Sadraji Economist Prime Minister sitting with terrorist and telling them to “go get the Sri Lankan cricket team, we need to defame Pakistan” I mean one has to be either stupid or a minister of shipping in Pakistan to imagine this!

I am sure President of Benin Mr. Boni Yayi will believe me. And so will Obama. But some of the Imams in UP will definitely blame VHP for it.

Meanwhile Congress has bought the rights to use Jai Ho during elections. Lalu Prasad was under the impression he had the rights to Jai Ho since it was shot on a railway platform. Soniaji explained it to him that it was not the case.

Mera trainva tha, Mera Platoformva thaganava tumhar kaise hua?

I as a Secular Sardarji Economist Prime Minister came up with this first, but Scott Adams beat me by a few days in publishing it. You can read his version on his blog.  Basically it says, that the development of a country is directly proportional to the average age of marriage. Later you marry, more you do development! Also,  easy access to divorce, and a high divorce rate brings in higher development. This would mean that entrepreneurial energy is equivalent to the energy utilized in keeping the marriage together.
Some statistical data supporting this theory is available here.
So in the land of balika vadhu where the election dates have just been declared, I am still focused on the issues which matter…

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