Which list? The top 10 sex scandals! A Canadian newspaper has made a list of top 10 sex scandals throughout history from Cleopatra to Clinton. Nehru is number six on this list. He and Edwina made quite a pair. If a Canadian newspaper digs this up during our elections..Akalis are surely behind this.

At least it got us on a list!
Prabhakaran is basically a decent family guy. He has good intentions. All you guys are misinterpreting his army fatigues. He is just a good family chap misguided by saas, bahu and rouge friends.

Karunanidhi is right. With a secured vote bank of Dravidians he can ask which engineering college did Ram go to or say that Prabhakaran is his friend and get away with it.

Prabhakaran looks a bit like Chiranjeevi. What do you think?

Family man…just misguided!

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