Holy cow traveled in Cattle class….and a Sardar too! I have a problem!

As a Sardraji Economist Prime Minister I too am planning to travel Cattle Class. I had Tiwari look up the definition of Cattle to check if I fit the bill. I do not…even with a turban!

Official definition of Cattle:
Any of various mammals of the genus Bos, including cows, steers, bulls, and oxen, often raised for meat and dairy products. Human beings, especially when viewed contemptuously or as a mob.
Ok. It is final. We have decided in the cabinet meeting that we will give a bonus totaling to Rs 889 crore to employees of Indian Railway,  It is a productivity-linked bonus.

I am glad. Mamta is a modest type at least she will not ask for her statues to be installed on the train. Is there a Lalu Yadav Garibh Rath that anyone knows of?

We are also thinking of doing something good for the vote bank called Mumbai local bank. It is the best vote bank for the coming elections. Cuts across caste and religion.

Shivpal Singh Yadav says Mayawati has amassed assets worth Rs 90,000 corers. Really? That is like 50% GDP of UP. She got this out of collection of Goonda tax as per Shivpal. Is this tax collected by goondas or tax collected to protect against goondas?

I will have to ask Rahulbaba. I am quite confused about UP politics. I will call Rahulbaba after 9 pm. Half rates apply.

But the bhai is on the Yadav’s side! Who is collecting the taxes?
Meanwhile 10 prisoners belonging to the outlawed Al-Umma group and serving sentences for the Coimbatore serial blasts of 1998 will be released to coincide with the birth centenary celebrations of DMK founder and former chief minister C N Annadurai. The police chiefs are quite excited at the amount of new investigative and intelligence gathering this release will generate.
Secular leaders of Al-Umma…now will sing free humma humma…

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