Old friend George will be visiting India at the end of this month. I have invited him for lunch. This has pissed off Obama. He has scratched out “paneer makhanwala” from the menu of the state dinner he hosts for me in November. This Obama really does not like us Indians, first he just observes Diwali unlike Bush who threw a NRI bash for Diwali and now he scratches off paneer makhanwala. Anarth ho gaya!
The democrats considers Bush the Narendra Modi of USA. But Bush gave India the nuclear deal. Now choose!
Will the democrats will be pissed off if I have dinner with Narendrabhai?
I heard the Indian cricket team started preparing for the series against Australia by playing football for 30 minutes. Have you heard of any football team starting their practice season with 30 minutes of cricket?

Yahoo!…Lets play cricket!
Shahnawaz Hussain got his visa to USA. He got it all wrong when he went to the media claiming discrimination as a Muslim. The delay was because he is a Hindu. USA, like the Congress is a secular and all in BJP are right wing Hindu Nationalist. Other people who have been at the receiving end of secular politics by the US is Narendra Modi.

At times, I get inspired by Dilibertism. This latest post seems to be directed against me. As I return to my blog after a hiatus here is a copy paste from dilbert.com.  As a Secular Religious Sardarji Economist Prime Minister I am worried about this post.

Over the past 20 years or so, most of China’s leaders have been engineers. I’m embarrassed to say that I was not aware of this until recently. Suddenly, everything makes sense.

For years I have marveled at the fact that the Chinese government could be so practical. They didn’t seem bogged down by the superstitions and sideshow passions that you so often see in other governments. China’s leaders make decisions like engineers. For example, every time I hear someone yapping about how China harvests organs from executed criminals, all I’m thinking is That’s a practical way to get spare parts.

China’s leadership isn’t big on religion. And apparently they don’t see any upside in war. They handle their money wisely. They put a lot of energy into building infrastructure. And they care more about stability than human rights. In other words, they value efficiency over feelings. It’s exactly the way you’d expect a bunch of engineers to run a country. Obviously this approach has served China well.

The bad news for China is that their up-and-coming leaders have backgrounds in law, economics, and history. In time, the lawyers will start passing lots of laws that individually make sense while collectively strangling the business sector in red tape. The economists will all disagree with each other, and the historians will be planning for the past. So China is pretty much doomed. But they had a good run.

Ren Building, proposed to be built for the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai
We have our Engineers at work too!