Generally as a Secular Sardarji Economist Prime Minister, I feel like a traitor when I use a phoren product though a equivalent desi product is available. But this weekend you may rest assured. Any phoren product is better than Veer!
Veer Avatar! No use bhai, no use!
Boeing Corporation says that we are interested in buying C-17 aircraft from them. It is one of the largest military aircraft which can fly long distances without refueling. I think Antony needs these for flood relief. After a bad monsoon last year, we can prepare for floods

Meanwhile Christians in Malaysia are being attacked as a court ruling overturned a government ban on the use of the word Allah to denote the Christian God. Wow we can have Jesus Allah, Ram Allah and Buddha Allah. This will confuse some believers. What if such a thing happens in India?

Amar on the way out?

I have been busy. First, as a Secular Sardar I was celebrating Christmas. As an Economist Sardar I was explaining to my wife that when I say we will grow at 9% I do not mean the price of potatoes. Price of potatoes will continue to grow at 18.35% . As a Prime Minister, I was trying to find out who this guy called Rathore is…
Here are your 5 new year resolutions. Unsolicited? But I am the Secular Sardarji Economist Prime Minister….

  • For one year, you will watch 3 news channels and not trust any single source of information. Buy three televisions sets if you have to but do not trust one single biased source. Watch three with different biases.
  • For one year, you will not be afraid of doing the politically wrong thing…being politically wrong is the right thing this year. For example I can say that all religions are full of crap! 
  • For one year, you will pray and worship in your house and not take our beliefs onto the streets. 
  • For one year, you will push your children to be doctors and engineers. This is the only reason that we as a nation are successful. I cannot have a nation of wild life photographers and rice engravers. USA does not need this and our main export is you and your kids!
  • For one year you will not watch movies which have a filmy family involved in production, direction or acting. We have lot of talent in which is not being given an opportunity. If Amir does not accept awards and gets on to high moral ground we will not accept anything from the filmi families
    Kamla and Bimla join me in wishing you a very happy 2010