Cannot resist it. I will have to blog again. Someone is wrong on the internet!

Nitish wanted to know how many seats he has in the assembly in Bihar. So here is a bit of help for him from the Secular Sardarji Economist Prime Minister
Political Party No. of Seats (Feb 2005) No. of Seats (Nov 2005)
BJP 37 55
Janata Dal (U) 55 88
RJD 75 54
LJP 29 10
INC 10 9
Others 37 27

Jacob Zuma arrived in India. None of his 4 wives or 20 children are with him. We have made plans for him to be welcomed by Lalu. He can compete with him in many aspects.

SASOL the largest producer of motor fuel made from coal, plans to spend $10 billion in India in partnership with the Tata Group on a block awarded last year in Orissa. This investment is conveniently being ignored by the secular main stream media who is busy reporting on Mamta’s victory

As a Secular Sardaji Economist Prime Minister I have readers who have a sense of humor or have no time to leave comments. But since some folks did not like the cartoon by Zapiro and wanted it removed , I decided to be more secular put the art of Hussain where Durga is having sex with a lion. and balance my secular credentials.  While I am at it, why not put the one which has a naked Laxmi sitting on Ganesh. Phew…I feel much more secular now!
and just for fun a cartoon of President Prathiba Patil for someone who commented  it is illegal to cartoon the President in India. Really?