Trust me, this kid in Kashmir is carrying a toy gun. A lot of pictures you see from the Islamic world are of kids carrying toy guns. Similar to the toy guns which are used by the kids in America.

Where do you see the difference?

I am just a Secular Sardarji Economist Prime Minister who is busy making the CWG work…

“Must ask ourselves why there’s anger” said Sonia Gandhi on Kashmir. This one was not very difficult to explain. Kashmiri youth are a bit like Bajrang Dal. Both are fed with distorted data on Islam, demographics and vision of the future. 
Every idiot who is honest knows that Kashmir Solution can only come through if the Muslims in rest of India show clear support for the government of India. The will to integrate Kashmir will come only if our vote banks are secured. When did you hear Lalu say that Kashmir is an integral part of India? What is he afraid of?
Or else, Kashmiri will have to learn to live like Palestinians…and we will have to learn to be Israel.
 Only rights these kids need is the freedom to browse the internet and play with girls of the same age!
Really, Muslim women in France are getting support from NDTV. The burqa jihad is the lead story on their website at this  hour! Like the Sardars in France, they too need some support to wear what they want. As a Secular Sardarji Economist Prime Minister I have to speak for the turbans and burqas. I called up Sarkozy and told him that his parliament is full of bigots who cannot tolerate differences. He immediately sent me a picture of a burqa design acceptable to him, his children and all men in France!
Ok. This burqa is more acceptable to the French…and the Spanish..and the Italians and of-course the desis!

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