The only reason why we cannot take the debate on “what to do with Arundhati Roy “anywhere is because of English speaking left liberal media is too righteous.
If we can have Sajjad Lone and Yasim Malik on a TV debate, can we have someone like Togadia too please? 
I am a bit disappointed with our Media and I have hide my face even in Malaysia where the Hindus are sometimes called terrorists.
Bhukha, Nanga Indian hides his head in shame at what Roy has to say to him…

Please note that the gray you see in the judgment below is due to your perception that there is something gray and we have to fix it! It is actually black and white.

Is it possible that there is no God? Allah inclusive? Do we have the courage to discuss this?

IIM has to initiate a study on why Rajni has so many fanatic fans. We need to find out and use this to make Rahulbaba a hero from the Robot that he is!

But the best as usual is from a company in the land of Narendrabhai….

Amul girl representing the Nirmohi Akhara – Group Without Attachment! To any land also?