We too can try the Russian Barter

The only difference is that I become the President of India and the President of the Congress become the Prime Minister. But she is afraid, that is the honest truth we cannot reveal.

She even invited the cyclewalas who beat the elephant to the UPA II bash. These cyclewala’s are more or less thugs. Infact more thugs than thugs.

Speaking of thugs Narendrabhai Modi is busy handling a thug in his cabinet. How he is representing the Koli community in Gujarat after as their Bhai is difficult to understand as he was the bhai of Andheri (east) for most of his life.

Just in case you want to know what he looks like…

 Parshottambhai Odhavjibhai Solanki

We are interested in is Gandhi – III. Writing anything about UPA II is too boring for a satirist. 

As a secular Sardarji Economist Prime Minister here is my wish poem for the coming year…
Some brains for Mamta,
A FIR for Modi
A scam for Anna
A sore throat for Aranb
A sprain for Ramdev
A conviction for Amma
A noble award for Barkha
FDI from countries other than Mauritius
Discovery of crude oil in places other than Gujarat
A daily smile from Madam
A respectful mention from Obama in the important forums
No more explosions of any type
Elections only when we have all vote banks on our side
Jai Hind.

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