What is the chutiyagiri called CHOGM CHOGM? Sala ek taraf Modi and other side yeh CHOGM CHOGM.
My question to my secular economist mind is that do the Tamilans, at the heart of it all want a Tamil Elam and if so is the world ready for a nation of Chartered Accountants?  ROI on each bomb, inventory would valued on the FIFO but used on LIFO basis as most of the inventory is human and the younger are more gullible. CAPEX module will connected to extortion module. OPEX management module will be connected to friend in Tamil Nadu Viko.
Has Modi got any opinion on Tamil Elam? Let us hear it.
Narendrabhai hai has no idea of this CHOGAM CHOGAM challenge

Incidentally, we are in CHOGM because of Nehru. Should we follow his lead or be like Gambia