My India is a chaotic country. 

It is noisy, unruly and loud and noisy and people are boisterous and loud, along with this we do not follow any law, bribe at a drop of a hat, bribe to pick up the hat, bribe to hang the hat and we are loud and we give long speeches and fight and are very argumentative and religious and opinionated about our religion and with that we have a caste system which is also a loud and noisy caste system which is more noisy in Tamil Nadu and we have parliamentarians with criminal records who shout at each other about making good laws and then we have opposition who shouts so that none of us can shout and it so noisy and loud and chaotic and above this all people come to me with all sorts of documents and shout above the din to make me sign this and that and I really cannot figure out why there is so much noise here and it is also quite crazy that they think that I am responsible for all the corruption which results out of me signing papers which have been recommended by others who were more louder than I was and then above all this I do not know who my boss is most of the time sometime it is baba and sometimes it is mama so the confusion on taking decision goes on…….
I have managed to do my role rather well in this chaos no?
If this is not an accomplishment…what is?
I know, I know, there is Modi rally, Arvind is still figuring out what to do, Rahul is checking with his mom what is next for him…but still let me confess, I was very thrilled to hear the news that iPhone users are smarter…why? I am thinking of buying a phone after the 2014 election and I had chosen an iPhone. It will allow me to be smart, intelligent, innovative, creative and outspoken with Siri.
We still cannot verify the results of this research due to some users of iPhone
Arvind is not the first one to take a ride before taking us for a ride which I heard he is taking..

As a Secular Sardarji Economist Prime Minister I have seen many amazing people ride amazing things before taking us for a ride. 

Amongst the amazing rides people have taken, I think, the ride Mamta took before taking us for a ride is the best. This was at Singur.
This was an balancing act by Didi

Some have kept taking the same ride to take us for a ride. They have a unique ability. I am generally impressed by these….I mean how can we manage to take them for a ride by going on the same ride again, and after 4 years, again, and after 4 years again…
Balancing a caste and communal votes on a secular ride

Some do not have an ability to balance much. They would like to take you for a ride on a ride they need not have skills, talents, intelligence or intention to balance.
With balancing not required, this one took you for a real ride for a long time.

But after all these folks riding different things to take ride there is only one person who has managed to dance…so far…kya?
No Rides required…so far…but things, they are “a” changing…

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