There is a rumor. Just a rumor. I do not like rumors but I enjoy them. I am sure you too do not like them but enjoy, nurture and share them. 
There is a rumor in the Kangress party that Narendrabhai is going to agree to an interview with Arnab. The only difference is that he wants a 5 to 1 interview. 5 specific questions from Arnab and 1 specific question from Narendrabhai to Aranb. Actually, Narendrabhai is willing to do the 5 to 1 interview some of the other star anchors. The question is which Angrazee channel is willing to take those ONE questions from Narendrabhai? 
I mean, after what happened to Shahid has to worry about the person who will interview him and what he will ask…
NDTV? CNN-IBN? Interested? Unlikely, the TRP may not be worth the damage.
Meanwhile, Rahulbaba has decided to a give another interview, ooops not an interview, he will stand accused in Aap Ki Adalat for not having a sense of humor and being deaf.
Narendrabhai had a good time on that show. Rahul baba also can have a laugh! 
I do not know if being persecuted and harassed by hetrosexuals has made the gay community in India loose their common sense. I mean even the desi who are not residing in desiland have lost their akal. Supreme Court cannot make laws! It can implement the law you nitwits!
One of the ways you have out of this is to approach the Aam Admi Party. They will take this up and maybe, at least in Delhi, you can have consensual sex without being accused of committing a crime!
Go to Aam Admi Party. They are all for center-left, far-left, left of left and furtherest left. They will take up your cause.

I think this guy is the right candidate to approach to get your rights…what do you think?
Really, in a nation of 1 billion people, we cannot find 11 players to play football or hockey, 10 players to play softball,  9 players to baseball, 8 players to play tug of war, 7 players to play netball, 6 players to play Volleyball, 5 players to basket ball, 4 players to play some polo, 3 players to play something which 3 players can play and 2 people to host the Fimfare awards properly?

That is all! You just need two talented, self expressive host and the show will be hit. All these Eastern European women dancing with Shahid cannot substitute good humor…no?
I could not find many people who were outside the Bollywood parivar…accept Deeeepeeeka..doing anything worth mentioning least of all getting awards at the show…
I must sadly concede that these award cerimonies need a new look, like the Aam Admi Awards…
Some deserve these….
Ok. Let me explain this bit Take a full breath and put a measure tape around your chest passing it under the armpits…anything above 56 inches and you can have a go at the Prime Ministers office says Narendrabhai. This is also a prerequisite to provide 24 hrs uninterrupted electricity.

Now, Netaji and I cannot hold our breaths so we do not want to have our chest measured at the moment, but a close look at Netaji, I was wondering if we drop the measuring tape a few inches lower, can supply all the electricity for 23 hrs? Maybe 22 hrs?

We can also reach 56 by passing an ordinance, says Netaji

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