Madhu ji, this “pay for free news” is totally lacking the marketing talent which my team had during my campaign. Only the line “pay for free news” is interesting. Simplicity in payment is “-100” on a scale of 1 -10, using standard shopping sites to sell your subscription…there are hundreds of bukhe-nage e-commerce sites which will sell this for you, 30 second smart clips as the news blunder of the day with the subscription is far better than an newsletter….kuch socho…kuch karo. Su? (Kya? Gujarati)
Meanwhile, I freely recommend this edition of the Clothes Line. I know this lady does not like me, she even tried to get me on NDTV but what the….this stuff is good!

One of the things I can diplomatically accomplish is the death of suits in the international diplomatic circuit. I have decided to hire Troy Costa for this diplomatic initiative.

My guidelines to him are clear for the diplomatic design

  1. It should not be like the Nehru jacket for the obvious reasons
  2. It should not be a Kurta. It is too flexible and simple which we do not want to be.
  3. It should not be a sherwani – it looks more inflexible with a predetermined agenda
Now Troy can use his imagination…
The exact image I want to avoid, and the English media wants to project.
I wonder why we were shocked to such an extent when Katju made some allegation of judges being biased or pressured. This great assumption that our Judges or our Armed forces at times were “not” Indians is mainly a creation of the media which has made us think of them like super solution providers who are not like the rest of the Indians.
Is it possible that people brought up in the same society, with same morals and with same vision be different “Indians”?
Some people thought the SC Judges were different Indians…Indians from Mars maybe.It is also possible that they may be living in a cocoon called Mars on Earth so they just cannot be influenced in a society full of corrupt people driven by exchange of favors. Some of them would have fallen prey to the Indians even after being “different” Indians.
Is there a solution to this problem of our expectations of growing non-Indians in India? Really, for each walk of life, our nation does not need the Indian we have been growing so far. 
Su? (Kya? in Gujarati)
Some of the judges in the Khap Panchayat are more Indian than most of the Indians. They are Indians from 1855.
I am really not so keyed up about having journalist with me when I travel abroad. I listed the reason for this earlier., but since I have an unofficial blog, why not tell you excatly why I do not want journalist to be with me when I travel.
First, half of them do not like me and I cannot stand then. Truth! Can you imagine Brakhabhen travelling with me along with Rajdeep? Kya? Possible? If I keep ignoring them as I am doing now, someone will point out that I am ignoring them and then it will be another story about ignoring the people I am already ignoring. To keep this long story as it is, I cannot travel with people I do not enjoy being with.
Second reason is that I can take some work with me. 32 seats for journos can be used by underlings from various ministries and I can use the time to find out what my ministers are messing around with. It is not spying, it just what all bosses do. Jack Welch called it deep dive.
Third reason, is freedom. I do not want it reported that I farted a couple of times before I got off the aircraft. I am sure all prime ministers farted, but my fart will get headlines. I want more than farts to reach you so I will keep some real farts away from me. Su? (as in Kya in Gujarati)

Maybe, there are some alternatives.

I generally get very excited about these types of headlines. “Pittsburgh business leaders mull Indian prime minister” , particulary when google news highlights them.

First question is which Pittsburgh? Is this the one in Pennsylvania? There are two other Pittsburgh that I have come across. One of them is in Canada.

The largest of the possible Pittsburgh has an population of 305,841. That is close to the population of Andheri? Very exciting. It is not a constituency but may be a there is a Lokhadwala in Pittsburgh.
Kollengode Venkataraman is the editor of Pittsburgh Patrika. They also have a facebook page which has two things which interested me. One is that they know the dholka got featured in New York Times.
The second is their mission statement “We started this nonsectarian, nondogmatic and somewhat irreverent magazine in 1995 both to provide a platform for people to express themselves and to link businesses who want with the resourceful Indian Diaspora with their goods/services”
These are mission statements which I thrive on. I do not know these folks but these seems to be very secular American Indians…putting India First.
Some desi media may report this as “Pittsburgh right wingers support the Indian Prime minister” Right wing? Well they were in the right wing of the building when they mulled over me. 
Some thoughts on the other sardar as we start another round of blogging on this site…
He is a happy man now….and may just speak his mind…where? No one even took his comments on the budget seriously? 

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