cockatiel cageYou may if you have a bird or plan on getting one in the future need to acquire bird toys also. Bird toys are crucial to the health and well being of your bird. Bird toys provide stimulation to your bird help to provide habits your bird would act upon in the wild, and to avoid boredom. It can be a daunting task to attempt to select bird toys for your bird, since there are so many to select from.

When you go to find toys for your bird, you need to find a toy that’s the right size for your bird. If you pick a bird toy that’s too small for your bird, it can pose a choking hazard. Your bird may not play it, if you choose one that’s too big and pieces can scare them.

Pet shops that sell bird toys will have the toys separated into Sections depending on your bird’s size. If you have a bird, like a Macaw or African Grey, then you will have to pick bird toys with pieces. The toy should have blocks of massive and wood beads or bits on it that your bird can chew on without danger of swallowing a piece. Since birds are renowned for hanging and climbing in their toys, toys for big birds should have thick, sturdy ropes and clasps to attach them into the cage with. In this way, if the bird does decide to attempt to hang out of it, the toy is strong and sturdy and won’t risk breaking causing harm.

If you have birds, like cockatiels, parakeets or you will have a choice of toys to choose from since these are common birds as pets. Toys for these birds need to be made. They shouldn’t be too big, as they can scare the birds or injure the birds if they are too big. Though some parrot toys might be alright for the birds, you should avoid them, and stick with toys that are made for smaller birds. Lots of individuals feel that their birds will love having a toy and it will last longer, however they are not the best choice for small birds.

The good news for you is that bird toys come in a number of shapes and sizes. Several online pet stores offer you an extremely large choice of bird toys for your bird. Bear in mind that birds have a character of their own and as you might think a toy is fine your bird might not. Purchasing many different bird toys will give your bird a huge choice of toys to choose from and provide a choice to use to rotate toys to stop your bird. Find here

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