These type of headlines send chills up my spine. Please note that this is headline is not about a Fake PMO site or a Fake PM site. It is about a thief. This is a honest fake site and that was a dishonest fake site. Please do not trust dishonest fake sites.

Now you may wonder how do you know the difference between a honest and a dishonest fakes site. It is simple, you enjoy visiting a honest fake site!

I am going to take Barack Obama to the Taj Mahal. He to took me to the memorial of Martin Luther King and gave me a does of of American history.

I am going also going to take him to Agra and explain to him that Shah Jahan, a Mughal Emperor was grief-stricken when his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal, a Persian princess, died during the birth of their 14th child, and he built Taj Mahal in her memory. No, I have no idea what happened after the other 3 wives died nor what happened to the children. But I know the full name of Shah Jahan is A’la Azad Abul Muzaffar Shahab ud-Din Mohammad Khurram and Barack’s full name is  Barack Hussein Obama!

taj mahal

As you know, I am very secular. I have transformed Gujarat into one of the most secular state in the country. If you have noticed in Vibrant Gujarat summit we have welcomed many pseudo-secular like Akilesh. Our secularism includes pseudo-secularism.

I really do not have to say. Je sui Charlie, because it is a fact! But….

France has an issue with kids wearing hijab to school and had the audacity to ban it! Hijab is definitely a part of a religion so if that can be banned, why not someone who is lampooning a religion? If they were fine with the hijab then lampooning would have been fair game, but now they have become pseudo-seculars.

I wonder if Charlie did a cartoon on banning of hijab and turbans in France.

Like everyone , we condemn the violence, but will France examine it’s pseudo secularism? Here is a picture, 2 of the 4 are not ok as per law in France. But poking fun at god is ok?


I really have nothing new to say on 01 Jan 2015. It is all ABCD – Another Boring and Common Day. We have some issue with MBBS – Ministerial Banned and Blocked Sites which my bureaucrats will resolve as soon as the ISIS – Indian Sensitive and India Serving  cell from our DOT -Department of Transformation (History, Internet and Education)  gives a clean chit.

We have been working hard with to make Amit by a CBI – Clean Before Indicted and have succeeded in the last part of the year. Meanwhile, I am also working on INDIA – Involve Noted Desis In Action – so  we have everyone from Bachan to Anilbhai cleaning streets.

I really wanted to change the nation, but let us start with a few empowering acronyms. Will let me not do that? Is it not secular?

Meanwhile, I just want to know if Vijay Mallya and his team have released the KingFisher Calendar for 2015 and is it full of SIC – Secular Indian Chicks!

What happened to the KingFisher Calendar 2015

What happened to the KingFisher Calendar 2015

I am absolutely clear about the confusion on my declaring a Good Governance Day on Christmas Day. We have 24 million Christians in India. 24,080,016 to be exact. As per unconfirmed reports we had about more than 5 million Sanata’s all across India. Last year, the Ahmedabad police dressed up as Santa, this year, since I am in Delhi I made Ravi Shankar do it. But coming back to the point, if we need 5 million Santas in this country to celebrate Christmas in India, should be become a Christian country? Really?  90% of the companies in India were working as they do not have 1 of the 24,080,016 people working in them.

I am calling it Good Governance Day. You can call it anything you want, but what do you want to happen on this day matters.

The Santa in Ahmadabad Traffic Police managing an accident at Shivranjani cross roads

The Santa in Ahmadabad Traffic Police managing an accident at Shivranjani cross roads

My trip to the various countries has been getting extensive coverage in the desi media. The media in the countries I have visited also have given me fair coverage. If you are in a G20 meet you have to compete with Obama and Jaco Zuma for media space, back home you have to compete with Salaman bhai’s sister. I hope you are impressed with the competition I handle to stay on top on the news. I am worried as a old RSS hand and a big nationalist at heart….is the political competition so weak that I have to compete with Salman bhai in media space? At this rate I can skip the reforms for 2-3 years more and still stay in the headlines. I just have to keep track whose sister is getting married next…

From They have some interesting images of my competitor in the media for the last couple of weeks.

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