As you know, I am very secular. I have transformed Gujarat into one of the most secular state in the country. If you have noticed in Vibrant Gujarat summit we have welcomed many pseudo-secular like Akilesh. Our secularism includes pseudo-secularism.

I really do not have to say. Je sui Charlie, because it is a fact! But….

France has an issue with kids wearing hijab to school and had the audacity to ban it! Hijab is definitely a part of a religion so if that can be banned, why not someone who is lampooning a religion? If they were fine with the hijab then lampooning would have been fair game, but now they have become pseudo-seculars.

I wonder if Charlie did a cartoon on banning of hijab and turbans in France.

Like everyone , we condemn the violence, but will France examine it’s pseudo secularism? Here is a picture, 2 of the 4 are not ok as per law in France. But poking fun at god is ok?


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