These type of headlines send chills up my spine. Please note that this is headline is not about a Fake PMO site or a Fake PM site. It is about a thief. This is a honest fake site and that was a dishonest fake site. Please do not trust dishonest fake sites.

Now you may wonder how do you know the difference between a honest and a dishonest fakes site. It is simple, you enjoy visiting a honest fake site!

I am going to take Barack Obama to the Taj Mahal. He to took me to the memorial of Martin Luther King and gave me a does of of American history.

I am going also going to take him to Agra and explain to him that Shah Jahan, a Mughal Emperor was grief-stricken when his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal, a Persian princess, died during the birth of their 14th child, and he built Taj Mahal in her memory. No, I have no idea what happened after the other 3 wives died nor what happened to the children. But I know the full name of Shah Jahan is A’la Azad Abul Muzaffar Shahab ud-Din Mohammad Khurram and Barack’s full name is  Barack Hussein Obama!

taj mahal

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