I really have nothing new to say on 01 Jan 2015. It is all ABCD – Another Boring and Common Day. We have some issue with MBBS – Ministerial Banned and Blocked Sites which my bureaucrats will resolve as soon as the ISIS – Indian Sensitive and India Serving  cell from our DOT -Department of Transformation (History, Internet and Education)  gives a clean chit.

We have been working hard with to make Amit by a CBI – Clean Before Indicted and have succeeded in the last part of the year. Meanwhile, I am also working on INDIA – Involve Noted Desis In Action – so  we have everyone from Bachan to Anilbhai cleaning streets.

I really wanted to change the nation, but let us start with a few empowering acronyms. Will let me not do that? Is it not secular?

Meanwhile, I just want to know if Vijay Mallya and his team have released the KingFisher Calendar for 2015 and is it full of SIC – Secular Indian Chicks!

What happened to the KingFisher Calendar 2015

What happened to the KingFisher Calendar 2015

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