We are planning to end the inspector Raj. This is one saheb whom we all dread. He pays surprise visits and takes un-budgeted bribes. This type of un-budgeted bribes deprive the nation of entrepreneurs!

As the first step, we are attacking un-budgeted bribes. Better cash planning is critical for the industry. So these ayaram-gyaram type of inspectors are the first bunch we are attacking as a part of our big ticket reforms in tiny steps. Industrialist and entrepreneurs…no more un-budgeted bribes from now!

Due to the elections in Maharashtra and Haryan where I am likely to be reelected as the Prime Minister of India you folks will be busy watching TV and so I thought I will post in on my unofficial blog. Economic Times is covering it...here

Bachan as inspector in Janjheer

Some folks have built their careers starting as Inspectors…not this one…but you know what I mean!

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